Get Your Home Ready for FALL!

Maintenance for a beautiful fall home:

1) Care for Tree and Shrubs

Make your yard beautiful by trimming and shaping up your trees and shrubs. The landscape of your yard is going to be the first and maybe only impression someone will get of your house. Having the yard clean cut and nice will make the impressions of a beautiful home, which has wonderful lives living inside. Trimming the trees and shrubs in your yard will help them stay healthy and not get diseases and die.

2) Rake leaves

Raking leaves not only will make the yard look nice but it is also healthy and beneficial for the growth of grass in the spring. Leaving leaves covering the ground throughout the winter could inhibit spring growth.

3) Clean Gutters and downspouts

Once all the leaves have fallen, clean out your gutters. This will make sure water flow is not hindered. Backed up water from leaves can lead to pooling of water which would lead to water damage.


4) Seal Gaps where critters cannot enter

Colder weather is coming so all the little critters are going to looking for warmth(possibly in your home) so make sure all little gaps are tightly covered.

5) Winter proof

Check and fix anything that may need to be fixed to get you though the cold winter months. Make sure you have firewood stores, the chimney is cleaned out, and weather stripping is good.

These few maintenance tasks will have your home looking beautiful for fall and prepared for winter.

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