Lake Oconee Real Estate Happy New Year!

New Year

2013 was a GREAT year here at Lake Oconee!  2014 looks to be even better!!!  There are still fantastic deals!  Don’t wait to get your dream lake home!  Check out this month’s hot pick:

Lake Oconee Real Estate Hot Pick January 2014!

WOW!  Too Cute and Lakey! Fantastic 4 Br, 3 Ba Lake Oconee Cabin offers Huge Main Lake Views, Max Dock with 5 ½ ft of Water Depth, Open Floor Plan and Much More!

1070 Brannon Drive

Winter FlakesWinterizing you, your Lake Oocnee home, and your family


Temperatures are falling here on Lake Oconee.  We could see temps in the single digits!  BRRRRRRR!!!  Are you ready?  Here are a few tips to get you, your family and your home winterized and ready to face the cold:


  • Wrap all exterior wall pipes with insulation.  To avoid pipes freezing, keep a trickle of warm water running.  In case a pipe burst, make sure you know how to cut that pipe off and where the cut off valve is located.
  • Check all smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are properly working.
  • If you are using or plan to use fireplaces or gas heaters, make sure they are properly ventilated.  Also keep a 360 degree area around all heating sources free of blankets and other fire hazard objects.
  • Keep emergency supplies on hand: blankets, matches, flashlight with batteries, rock salt, non-electric can opener.
  • Check all your outside pets.  Bring them in if possible or make sure they have sufficient shelter.
  • Keep your gas tank as full as possible and check your radiator.
  • Bundle up if you have to go outside!!

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Whether you are buying or selling, contact ME today so I can help you find your dream home or sell your property!  I am ready to put my over 19 years of experience to work for you!!!


Let’s make 2014 your best year ever!


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