The Mighty Jumping Rock

Ever had the urge to jump as high as a one-story house?  At the Lake Oconee jumping rock, that dream can become a reality!  This lake attraction is pleasing to both kids and “big” kids alike!  At ten feet, this boulder may seem like a short jump from the safety of your boat; however, once you swim out and climb the ladder to its peak, you quickly realize just how far you will actually be hurdling into the dusky waters. 

Boaters from all parts of the lake journey to this spectacle to delight in the experience that is the jumping rock.  Whether watching or taking part, the jubilation is clear on everyone’s faces.  Clearly, the crowds never cease to congregate to this legendary Lake Oconee promontory. 

If you’re interested in not only jumping as high as a house, but also learning all about the homes and properties in the Lake Oconee area, visit today or contact local Real Estate Expert Jamie Dutton, Realtor Keller Williams, to learn more!  

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